Top 5 Songs from Hamilton Act I (So, If You Don't Know, Now You Know)

I'm rounding up on week 3 of exclusively listening to Hamilton, the outstanding new musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. While forcing my friends to listen to it is not always the easiest thing, I thought I would give the top 5 songs of the first act.

1) Alexander Hamilton

The title track is pretty essential. It sets up what the musical is about, creates a recognizable reprise as the tune is repeated multiple times throughout the show, and we're introduced to all the characters.

2) Satisfied

This song is a complete showstopper and with the record-scratching riff at the beginning to Renee Elise Goldsberry's amazing rap and ballad abilities, you will end up with this song on repeat.

3) Wait For It

This is my personal favourite off the entire album (I've listened to it over 50 times and counting). Probably one of the least "musical" like songs on the soundtrack (though, really, the whole album is totally subversive to the usual "musical" sound), I just can't get enough of Leslie Odom JR's sultry tones and the way the song builds to such an intense conclusion.

4) Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)

This song has an incredible amount of elements and it really makes you feel like the most ultimate badass while listening to it (seriously, TRY not to shout "HERCULES MULLIGAN" while listening to it). 

5) What Comes Next

I have to include a King George song here, simply because Jonathan Groff does such an amazing job as the pompous, mad king. It also includes the famous "Awesome, wow!" line, so it's already worth listening for that.