Why It's Okay to Give Up on a Book Part Two: Abandoning the Bad Ones

Jane is moving today (good luck, Jane!!), so I'm here with a super quick post. 

I'd have written an actual review of the AMAZING book I read yesterday, but I'm still processing it, so maybe next week :) (also, yesterday was my mom's birthday and I MAY have been drinking too much to think about writing a review). 

Back in July, Jane talked about "why it's okay to give up on a book". She made some good points and I agree with her, so here is my take. 

I don't like giving up on books. It makes me sad. I know how much blood, sweat, and tears go into the making/creation of a book, and I feel awful when I can't connect to an author's work. 

Sometimes, though, it can't be helped. 

Sometimes, a book weighs you down so much, you stop enjoying it. You feel annoyed and frustrated and probably a little angry: annoyed that this book let you down, frustrated that you can't get over whatever hurdle is stopping you from enjoying it, and angry that you're wasting your time on something unsatisfactory. Life's too short to read bad books - sometimes you just need to abandon them. 

In the past two years, I've only officially abandoned (as in, completely stopped reading) two books, which isn't a bad statistic. One abandoned book occurred this past week. 

I was torturing myself by trying to read it. It had an intriguing concept ("what if Hitler won the war because he turned people into vampires?!") but the execution was...not good. I feel bad saying it was terrible, but honestly, I almost threw my phone out the subway window after the first thirty pages. 

It was basically a condensed version of the entire Twilight series but I cared even less about these characters than I did about Edward and Bella. 

Disclaimer: I actually read and loved Twilight for a time when it first came out (between the ages of 15 and 19). But then, the older I got, the more I realized how unhealthy their relationship was, and I just can't take them seriously anymore. 

I hate comparing books to Twilight because it's so overdone, but suffice to say, a girl was in love with a brooding vampire and somehow ended up pregnant but of course people are after her baby? I skipped 100 pages and just read the end, so maybe other things happened, but that was the gist of it. 

I almost finished this book - I was 320 pages in and had another 150-ish to go, but by that time, I was so mind-numbingly bored, I had to call it quits. 

Luckily, my preordered books finally showed up, so I felt I was justified in setting aside Becoming Darkness in favour of Lockwood & Co: The Hollow Boy, which, as I said in the beginning of this longer-than-anticipated post, was AMAZING. And, I have to say, I feel freer for having abandoned such an unsatisfactory book. 

What was the last book you abandoned and why?