Red Hair and Freckles: Archie Gets a Make-Over

Is there anyone who hasn't come across an Archie comic at some point in their lives? I don't think so. The  world's favourite redhead (apart from any member of the Weasley family and possibly Anne Shirley, of course) has been clumsily bouncing through Riverdale High since 1941, and, naturally, has undergone a few face lifts. The most recent reboot has the gang looking much more modern and - let's face it - pretty hot. 


There are three issues of this reboot out so far - written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Fiona Staples, it restarts the stories we've come to know and love. We know that Betty and Archie broke up over an as-yet-unexplained #LipstickIncident and that Veronica has just moved to Riverdale, effectively setting the stage for the famous love triangle to end all love triangles. 

Tweets and texts and current pop culture references abound, but, like with the old comics, they add to the story. It doesn't feel fake or forced to have Jughead and Betty have a conversation via text in the middle of class, and I can imagine the #LipstickIncident was a trending topic for a while, saving Betty and Archie the trouble of having to explain their breakup. 

And when I mentioned above that the characters are kinda hot? Well, they are. It's weird to think of ol' Archie Andrews being attractive, but it's also hard not to notice. 


I've always liked Jughead - he's sassy and sleepy-looking and likes to eat (I relate to him on so many levels), but in his new incarnation? Well, I don't want to say I have a crush on a comic book character, but I might. He's even feistier in this reboot than I remember him from the classic comics (and he was the Archbishop of Banterbury back then!). 

Not everyone will love this. Some people are probably peeved that their childhood friends have grown up and been modernized. But I think it was a step in the right direction for Archie Comics. As it is, they're branching out with their horror lines (sidenote: Afterlife with Archie is amazing - such a fangtastic story line). This should be a way to reach a new audience while still appealing to the "older" generation who can still recognize all the characteristics that made Archie and his friends so loveable. 


The next issues should focus a little bit more on Veronica and has a different illustrator. Plus, there are lot of other series in the works, including a Jughead-centric collection which started this week).