Just one. I’m a few, no family, too. Who am I?

You know how sometimes there’s a TV show that gets so much hype and then you watch it and you’re like “meh”? That’s how I felt about Orphan Black

No one is more disappointed than me that Orphan Black didn’t become my new obsession. I wanted to love it, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t. 

What I liked:

-Tatiana Maslany is an incredible actress. Someone get this woman all the awards possible! She does a fantastic job with the clones, adapting all their quirks so perfectly, you almost forget that they’re all played by the same person. If Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap blew my eight year old mind, I don’t even know how I’d have reacted to this gem. 

-Felix. Probably one of the best characters on the show, he offered a lot of comic relief in his flamboyantly gay way. I did want more of him though - more about his lifestyle, about his shared childhood with Sarah, that sort of thing. 

-Interesting plot (hold on, I'm about to expand on that...)

What I didn’t like:

-Yeah, the plot was interesting, but the pacing was weird. There are so many small events and yet...nothing really happens? There’s no real resolution to anything.  And the whole first season takes place in less than a month? If it was a book, I’d have skimmed all the info-dumping, but it was actually necessary to pay attention. 

-Some characters got old fast. No one cares, Vic. And Paul started out as a potentially great character, but his inability to show emotion on his face (must be the military training) made him very boring. 

-I genuinely forgot about the cops at one point because they weren’t in like two episodes. Sometimes I wondered why they even needed that subplot. 

Overall, it didn’t grab me the way I wanted it to. The first season was okay, but I probably won’t go out of my way to watch season two. 

Shout out to the special effects people for doing a bang-up job, partially because their work is impressive, but also because because I know someone on the team!