Why We Love Andrew McMahon

Tomorrow, we're going to see Andrew McMahon live, so we figured why not talk about him today! You already know how much we both love the first Jack's Mannequin album, Everything In Transit, but here's a more in-depth look at this amazing singing, songwriting, piano-playing dude. 


I first heard Andrew McMahon back in 2005 when I came across a Windows Media Player playlist (heyo) that had the song "Watch the Sky" by Something Corporate on it. I instantly fell in love.

Then I heard "The Mixed Tape" by Jack's Mannequin which was on the One Tree Hill soundtrack (heyo again) and was like damn this is really good too, and only by doing a little bit of Googling did I find out that both of those bands had something in common: they were both fronted by Andrew McMahon.

His unique blend of piano and pop-rock is something that still gets me going 10 years on. He's an incredible performer, has an amazing stage presence, and is completely enchanting. I've yet to get sick of him. I've seen him in concert probably about 7 times now and all I can say is that he's only getting better. 


I think Jane’s been an Andrew fan for longer than me, but my love for him has been going strong for nearly eight years. I was introduced to him when a friend gave me a mixed CD that included a couple of songs off of Everything in Transit. The first Jack’s song I heard - “Bruised” - remains one of my absolute favourite songs to this day. I knew Andrew had been in Something Corporate, but for whatever reason, I didn’t bother looking up any songs until a few years later when I heard “I Woke Up in a Car” and was all “WHAT IS THIS BEAUTIFUL THING?!”. 

I’ve been lucky enough to see Andrew in all of his incarnations: the Something Corporate reunion tour in 2010; as Jack’s Mannequin supporting People and Things in 2012; as a solo artist in 2013 (we almost drowned, it was raining so hard); and as “Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness” with Jane last November. At two of those shows, he played his nine-minute epic, “Konstantine”, and both times I almost cried.

If you get a chance to see Andrew McMahon play, definitely do it! He’s a talented, charming performer, and continues to write excellent lyrics covering a range of topics and experiences nearly twenty years after forming his first band. Plus, as I talked about a few months ago, after beating cancer, he still fundraises and supports other people who are going through the same thing with the help of his Dear Jack Foundation.