Hello - Adele is Back in Our Lives

When 21 came out, I couldn't quite believe how enamoured I could be with a single album. Adele has this aura around her that is just inexplicable. This world-weariness yet hopefulness that I couldn't even fathom despite our being the same age. She exudes a maturity that I could only attempt to emulate and she wears a winged liner like it could kill a man.

Basically, she's a queen to me.

I've been waiting since 21 came out with bated breath, praying for a new album so my soul could be exulted with her mournful ballads and I could once more ascend to a plain of emotional exuberance. Honestly, she opens things up in my that I didn't know I had. She makes me want to have a turbulent relationship so I can sit outside in the rain just listening to her sing and feeling like she KNOWS ME.

In any case, the wait is over. 25 will be coming out in less than a month, on Nov. 20. Adele has released the first single, "Hello", and it is simply breathtaking. There was a trepidation, a wariness let's say, that I had, thinking that all the anticipation of a follow up to the smash 21 would simply disappoint in the execution. But I was wrong. Because it's absolutely stunning. 

There's a kind of power that Adele has that is very rare. It's a power that feels as if she's singing about you as well as to you. She has the power to sing your story even if your story is very far off from what she's actually singing about. She lays her emotions bare and because of that, you feel like you might able to maybe, just maybe, be just as brave.