I Want to Be a Lady! - Why More Video Games Need More Playable Female Characters

Disclaimer: I am writing this before actually playing Fallout 4, so this is all presumptuous and hypothetical. These ideas are pretty much based on my previous experiences playing AAA games and how having a playable female character option is still considered to be cutting-edge. Also, this is going to be predominantly about AAA games, as that is what I most often play. 

Okay, first off, I am not the first to be saying this, and I surely won't be the last. I also won't be the most concise or the most eloquent or the most researched about this topic either (honestly, just look up any Feminist Frequency video for actual brilliance). But because I'm a woman and because I play video games, I do feel that I have a horse in this race. And that race is just wanting to play as a woman in video games. 

Amazingly, this is still hard to do in a lot of games. Some games have made being a female player an option, like the Dragon Age series, Mass Effect series and an even fewer amount ONLY allow you to play as a female (Tomb Raider series), but still, these games are few and far between. Granted, I don't play any war games like Call of Duty so I'm not sure about the diversity in those games, and I cannot speak to it.

However, only recently has the Assassin`s Creed franchise brought in a playable female character (who is appropriately dressed to boot) and still, from what I've read, is less pivotal than her male counterpart. And that character is not customizable so if you're a female POC, you're out of luck.

I don't love having no choice in my character. I don't always want to play as a man. I can't always relate. Playing Witcher 3 is great and all (excluding the insane amounts of sexism that gets harder and harder to ignore the more I play it... I've actually started to play it on mute) but Geralt of Rivia and I just don't have that much in common. Not that I'm similar to my Inquisitor or Commander Sheppard in the slightest (I can only dream of being so badass) but at least they feel more like home.

And that's why I'm excited to play Fallout 4. I can be a lady. I can even name her Jane and have my robot call me BY MY NAME. I can customize her features to the nth degree (to some scary extremes... just Google what some people have created thus far) and I can play someone a little bit more like me and that excites me. I'm going to rule the post-nuclear wasteland and I'm going to do it as a woman.