Spooky Podcasts: A Look at "Lore" and "The Black Tapes"

Since Halloween just happened, and I'm definitely still in the spooky spirit, I thought I would talk about two awesome podcasts which just happen to be a little supernatural. 

The first is Lore. Hosted by Aaron Mahnke, Lore is a podcast that tells stories of... well, lore. Each episode is dedicated to a myth or superstition, or some supernaturally charged tale. There's an episode about the Jersey Devil, an episode about witches and witchcraft and an episode about the scary goings-on at the Stanley Hotel. Each episode is well researched and well told and each episode always ends with a great one-liner. 

The Black Tapes podcast is "Serial" meets Supernatural. It's laid out as an investigative podcast (though, it's all fictional), with evidence cropping up, interviews with potential suspects and witnesses, and an elaborate world that is incredibly well-thought out and detailed. The podcast is hosted by Alex Reagan, a journalist from a faux-NPR type show. She begins to investigate the mysterious Strand Institute and its creator, Dr. Richard Strand. Soon, she falls into a world of the supernatural as the Mulder to Dr. Strand's Scully. The show is instantly bingeable, with twists and turns at every corner.