Fat Dog For Season Five

I waited an unreasonable amount of time to finally watch season five of Community, and it made me feel whelmed

Here are some thoughts I had while watching the thirteen episodes. 

  • They usually excel at concept episodes (the annual paintball battle, etc), but too many concept episodes in a row made it seem forced and not that funny.
  • The G.I. Joe episode was outstanding and felt like classic Community, and the Ass-Crack Bandit was way funnier than I expected it to be (mostly because of Troy (Donald Glover)'s performance). 
  • Prof. Duncan is such an underused character. John Oliver is genius in the role and should have been used way more in previous seasons (instead of disappearing after season two). 
  • I get that they introduced Prof. Hickey as Pierce's replacement, but was it even necessary to replace Pierce? I don't think so. 
  • Troy's last episode was surprisingly emotionally. While I'm sure Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino is doing splendidly without Community, I'm not convinced the show did well without him.
One of the best lines I've ever heard. Classic Britta. 

One of the best lines I've ever heard. Classic Britta. 

  • I like that they refer to season four as the "gas leak" year because no one likes acknowledging that season. 
  • The Dean is indeand one of the best parts of the show,  whether he's half-naked and rocking back and forth in his office, or delivering an awkward peanut bar rap. 
  • And Chang hasn't Chang-ed (neither has the show's mastery over puns), which is fine but also sort of boring?
  • Holy guest stars, Batman. David Cross, Nathan Fillion, LeVar Burton, etc. Once a show starts bringing in a guest star every episode, you know it's on it's way out. 
  • The last episode had a The Goonies quality (looking for lost treasure to save the school), but after twelve episodes of high concept plot-lines, it didn't quite go out with a bang. 

While the fifth season does return the show to its roots and becomes super-meta, it didn't feel the same as earlier seasons (season three was my favourite). I guess it's worth a watch, if you happen to have the time, but you can see why they weren't renewed on a traditional channel (moving, instead, to Netflix for season six).

I relate to this gif on so many levels.

I relate to this gif on so many levels.