And That's How It's Done - How "Supergirl" Completely Aced a Massive Twist

BEWARE! This contains massive spoilers for episode 7 of the first season of Supergirl. You have been warned.

When watching a show like Supergirl, there are a few assumptions that you can make off the bat:

  1. The stakes for Supergirl are never going to be that high. She's not going to die. She's the lead. She's also invincible. It kind of lowers suspense. 
  2. Ain't nothing going to happen to Jimmy Olsen either. I mean, his stakes are a little higher, but all in all, it's unlikely he's going to disappear before Superman inevitably shows up.
  3. There will hopefully be some crossover with other DC characters.

Because the DCU (like the Marvel Universe) is so spread out and convoluted, and because there are new iterations of each character with every passing day (do the CW's Flash and Arrow co-exist in the same world as Supergirl? Do Batman and Superman from the upcoming film? Is that why we're not seeing Superman on Supergirl? Is it because he'll have to be played by Henry Cavill and he just doesn't have time for that right now? Questions upon questions.), it's really hard to tell what is canon and what isn't.

Marvel has made it very clear that their cinematic universe co-exists with their television universe. That was made obvious when they finally revealed the Hydra relationship betweenCaptain America: Winter Soldier and Agents of Shield

Thing is, that reveal took AGES! Like, Agents of Shield was a decent show, but it was resting on "Freak of the Week" stuff until it could blow it's load about Hydra. And quite frankly, I got bored waiting.

We've just passed episode 7 of Supergirl and we officially have a member of the Justice League of America joining our ranks. After 7 episodes of questions of what exactly Hank Henshaw, the director of the DEO, was up to, we finally find out.

Yeah... I kind of just...

As a child growing up on DC comics, there was always massive excitement when characters crossed over. Anytime a new hero showed up on Smallville, I would shout with glee. I basically cried throughout the entirety of Flashpoint Paradox. The point is, I'm so excited. We had enough backstory to increase interest but not too much that the story started to lag. We needed to know what was going on with Hank's flashing red eyes. We needed to know if he was behind Alex's father's death. We needed to know if he was with us, or against us.

And goddamn, is he with us. 

Introducing J'onn J'onnz, Martian Manhunter, into the Supergirl universe is inspired. He's well-known, so well-versed DC fans will be excited to see a familiar face, but for those who don't know him, he's a character worth diving into. He has similarities to Supergirl and Superman in terms of powers and morals, so I cannot wait to see how he's used in future episodes.

As is explained in the episode, J'onn J'oonz is a shapeshifter. He's acted as Hank Henshaw for many years but he could ostensibly turn into anyone he wants. That alone is such an awesome prospect that the writers just have to abuse it somehow.

This episode was a game-changer. This opened up the Supergirl universe to a whole new dimension of possibilities and characters. Where this reveal is going to take us is anyone's guess, but I, for one, cannot freaking wait.