There Has Been an Awakening - Jane Actually Likes Star Wars

As I sat in my seat last night in a sweltering theatre, I started to get nervous. What was I getting into? Was I going to be the only one of my friend group to hate the already universally beloved first installment of the third Star Wars trilogy? Or worse... Was I going to become a fan?

I was never a Star Wars kid. My dad wasn't a fan when he was growing up (he was more of a Trek  guy), so I never had that influx of galactic nerdery that a lot of my peers did. When I finally did see the original trilogy, I found them enjoyable, but pretty silly.  

When the prequels came out, I attended with no such fanaticism that this would be a continuation of a beloved franchise that I was dying to get my tiny hands on. I liked them more than the originals because the effects were better and I loved Hayden Christensen.  

As the years have gone on, I distanced myself even more from Star Wars , to the point that when Episode VII was announced, I was decidedly meh about it. Really? Another one? JJ, can't you just stick to Star Trek  ?  

I knew I had to see the film, if only so I could maintain my part in the cultural zeitgeist. I was sure I would scoff by the end, knowing that I would be left hollow by it and wondering what exactly I'd missed that everyone else was seeing.  

That did not end up being the case.  

I fucking loved it.  

I'm still in shock about it, honestly.  

From our female protagonist Rey (who is as badass a heroine as they come), to the bevy of new male characters (John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Adam Driver, oh my!), this felt like a walk down memory lane but in hyperdrive.  

Though there are plenty of Easter Eggs for the mega-Star Wars  fans, there's plenty to grab onto for someone like me, who's seen all the films, but never felt a great connection to them.  

The action segments were incredible, the effects sublime, and the acting was actually good???? The chemistry amongst the three leads, Rey, Finn and Poe, was palpable, and now I ship them all in various formations.  

It was so wonderful to see Rey as a character, a character so desperately needed in the sausage fest that is the Star Wars  universe (though, can we stop referring to her as "the girl?" Like, come on guys). She came out fully formed, strong and capable and brilliant.  

Here are my top ten moments from the film (SPOILERS!!) 

  1. Rey telling Finn she could run just fine without holding his hand.  
  2. Poe/Finn hugsssss.  
  3. Kylo Ren's luscious af hair.  
  4. Chewie being Chewie.  
  5. Finn/Rey friendship.  
  6. How everyone runs at top speed THE ENTIRE MOVIE.  
  7. Domhnall Gleeson being sassy af.  
  8. General Leia Organa ftw.  
  9. That epic lightsaber duel.   
  10. Mark Hamill can still get it.  

I might write a longer post about the actual plot of the film, how Rey is not a Mary Sue and how Kylo Ren is an actual rapist, but for now, I must keep my fangirling heart aflutter by replaying the movie in my mind and reading theories for the upcoming movies. 

Dammit JJ, why couldn't you have just stuck with Trek ?