March to Your Own Beat or Not at All: Glamour Kills

Never Say Die. No Regrets. Create/Destroy/Rebuild. Stay Weird. Dream Without Fear/Love Without Limits. 

Those are just some of the slogans that have been splashed across Glamour Kills merchandise over the past ten years. Created in 2005 by Mark "Marky" Capicotto, GK has been a staple of the pop-punk scene, swaddling bands like All Time Low and The Ready Set, sponsoring Warped Tour stages, and supporting charities like Keep A Breast and PETA2.  

It's also one of my favourite clothing brands in general. 

Not only are the clothes themselves comfortable and unique (their logo is a pig with wings!), the messages they share speak to me. 

Glamour Kills is, at its heart, about being you. About expressing yourself and staying true to the unique, wonderful individual that you are, regardless of what anyone else thinks. And that's a mentality I can get behind. 

Mark "Marky" Capicotto, owner and founder of Glamour Kills.

Mark "Marky" Capicotto, owner and founder of Glamour Kills.

A couple of weeks ago, GK celebrated 10 years. I'm not sure how old Marky is, but I think he's around my age, which is what makes his success so inspirational. From his humble beginnings as a music-obsessed pizza delivery guy, to his launch of GK from his parents' basement shortly after high school, to sponsoring yearly tours with some of the scene's most talked about bands, he's worked hard to get where he is, and it's paid off. Marky proves that it's possible to achieve your dreams if you put the effort into it. 

You can follow Glamour Kills on Twitter or Instagram, and give Marky a Twitter follow too for tweets about music and the clothing industry.