Why We Love: Author Meet-and-Greets


Sam and I are readers. She reads more than I do (what like, five books a week now?) but we constantly have books on the go. We also get a little bit obsessed with our books and the people who create them. That's why author meet-and-greets are so important to people like us. We get to put a face and a voice to the person that has created a world inside our head and we get to talk to them like they're somehow real human beings and maybe if we're lucky, some of their inspiring talent and ability gets rubbed off on us, or maybe they reveal some sort of trick of the trade that makes us feel like it might be possible to become like them.

My favourite meet-and-greets:

Jon Ronson

got to meet Jon Ronson recently at a talk he was doing at U of T. He was so delightful and sweet and we spoke for a good five minutes. If you want to see more of what I've written about him, go here!

Rainbow Rowell

met Rainbow Rowell while I was working at Indigo and home office invited her to come and speak. I asked her all about writing and NaNoWriMo and she was incredible to listen to and was so inspiring. 

Sam Maggs

This was a week ago and you can read all about Sam's book and my meeting her here!


I WISH I read five books a week! But, as Jane mentioned, I too enjoy meeting authors, even if it can be nerve-wracking. As someone who's constantly working on a manuscript, I find face-to-face time with a successful author to be invaluable (by "successful", I just mean "published", whether or not the book is a best-seller!). Sometimes I like asking technical questions (do you plot it all out or just fly by the seat of your pants?), other times I get flustered and end up saying silly things (halfway through a conversation with Ransom Riggs, I remembered that I didn't love the sequel and had to stutter my way to a different sentence). One of the best perks of working in publishing is constantly meeting authors who come into the office for a visit, but if it's someone I greatly admire, I'll go out on an adventure to meet them myself, just so that I can gush.

My favourite meet-and-greets:

Libba Bray

Fun fact: we're wearing each other's glasses in this photo.

Fun fact: we're wearing each other's glasses in this photo.

Alan Bradley

Susin Nielsen