The Maine's Albums (In Order)

One of my favourite bands is The Maine. They're from Arizona and their music is best described as pop rock meets alternative with a dash of rock and roll. They've come a long way since their first EP back in 2007, and one of the best things about them is that they're constantly putting out new music - whether it's an EP or a single or a full-length album. 

While I initially started listening to them for their music, it doesn't hurt that their singer, John O'Callaghan (in the middle), is gorgeous.

While I initially started listening to them for their music, it doesn't hurt that their singer, John O'Callaghan (in the middle), is gorgeous.

This year, they released their fifth full length album, American Candy, so I thought I'd put their albums in my preferred order. 

1) Pioneer (2011)

There’s something about this album that just sticks with me. It was such a departure from their previous sound, but it really set them on the path that would eventually lead them to this year’s American Candy. At times mellow or even melancholy, it’s a solid album, and easily one of my favourite albums of all time. Even my dad doesn’t mind listening to it, probably because of it’s rock & roll roots.

Fave tracks: My Heroine, Some Days, Like We Did (Windows Down)

2) Forever Halloween (2013)

This one took a couple of listens to grow on me, but once it did, I was hooked for life. It continues the sound they first started on exploring on Pioneer and the lyrics often end up on the darker side. One of my favourite songs – which is also a lead single – is “Love & Drugs”. It’s not only the lyrics that make the song so special, it’s the entire composition, the way it’s all put together. I wish I could tattoo on my skin the way the song makes me feel but I don’t have the words.

Fave tracks: Love & Drugs, Run, F**ked Up Kids

3) American Candy (2015)

For some reason, everyone is raving about how good this album is. Is it good? Yes! It’s even great at times, but it’s – as you can see – not my favourite The Maine album. A natural progression from Forever Halloween, this has a more upbeat vibe. I will say, however, that I’m going to get lyrics from “Miles Away” tattooed on my arm because I relate to them so much (“In my mind, I’m miles away”). P.S. you can see my track-by-track thoughts here!

Fave tracks: Miles Away, English Girls, Am I Pretty?

4) Can't Stop, Won't Stop (2008)

They’ve come such a long way from this poppy, electronic album, but it’s still such a jam. Perfect for the summer and sitting on your patio, these are sing-a-long songs that will make your heart happy. “Into Your Arms” is such a beautiful song, and I’m not just saying that because John O’Callaghan makes me swoon in the video.

Fave tracks: Everything I Ask For, I Must Be Dreaming, Into Your Arms

5) Black & White (2010)

I sometimes forget about this album, which is odd because I LOVE “Right Girl” and “Inside of You” (I’ve been known to scream until I can’t breathe anymore when I hear “Inside of You” live). It’s good, and there are some standout tracks on here, but it sort of gets lost in the shuffle, especially because it’s followed by the masterpiece that is Pioneer. Like everything The Maine does, it’s definitely worth a listen (or twelve).

Fave tracks: Right Girl, Inside of You, Color

Let me know if you agree (or disagree!) with my order!