Why It's Great to Live in Toronto

There might be many wonderful cities in the world, but I've been pretty content living in and around Toronto all my life. Recently named the best city in the world to live in (which, seriously? That's insane!) Toronto is most awesome because it's usually the only Canadian stop on any tour. 

There are tons of events coming up this summer that we're excited about. Here's some you might want to check out.  


Secret Loves of Geek Girls

If you follow any geeky comic-book ladies on Twitter, you may have heard about the new anthology that's currently Kickstarting (check out the link here!). Created by Hope Nicholson, The Secret Loves of Geek Girls is an anthology with stories from tons of amazing women about dating love and sex. Because Nicholson is based in Toronto, as well as many of her contributors, there's going to be a discussion panel coming up on July 23 at the Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace, where the writers get to talk about what to expect in the book. It should be an incredibly nerdy time, and I can't wait.

Felicia Day Event

Okay, so Felicia Day is my hero, idol, whatever, and she wrote a book called You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) and it's coming out in a month and she's coming to Toronto at my old Indigo where I used to work and I can't actually contain my excitement because OMG FELICIA DAY. This is happening August 13 at Indigo Eaton Centre and I'm quite literally counting down the days.

Fan Expo

Fan Expo Canada has gotten a little bit crazy for my liking but I still crave going. I love the interactions I have with creators of amazing content, the fun times with my friends going to panels and taking pictures, buying things I definitely don't need but NEED TOO MUCH and just revelling in the Toronto nerd community. This is definitely when everyone lets their freak flags fly and as long as I don't get quizzed by stupid people, or asked to smile by others (both things have sadly happened at Fan Expo in previous years) then everything will be gravy.


It should come as no surprise that most of the events I'm excited for are music-based. In fact, check back on Monday to see my guide to surviving a music festival!

Warped Tour

Warped doesn't hit that many Canadian cities - for a while, they got rid of the Montreal date - so I feel honoured that Toronto is always a stop for the punk rock summer camp. I'm going on Friday for the sixth time, and it's one of my favourite days of the year: standing outside for 12 hours, listening to music, buying merch, and meeting bands? If only I could do that every day!

Riot Fest

Riot Fest has been a staple of the Chicago music scene for ten years, but it only added weekends in Toronto and Denver a few years ago. Last year's line-up was pretty solid, in my opinion at least (Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, Rise Against, Bring Me the Horizon, and more!), and this year, we've been promised two full album sets by Weezer (plus All Time Low, who I adore). My only problem with Riot Fest is the venue - last year, there was a massive thunderstorm the day before, so Downsview Park was a field of mud and I almost lost a shoe! It was worth it, though.

PanAm Games

I'm not actually excited for the games (I guess people who care about such things are stoked, though I haven't really seen much enthusiasm from Torontonians). Mostly I'm excited to find out what they are, because, quite honestly, I had no idea they were a thing until about last year when people were all "woo, the PanAm games are coming to Toronto!!" and I replied with "the what nows?" It will be interesting to see how the rest of the city reacts now that the games have officially started.