Continuing my Warped Tour theme from Monday (only two more sleeps!!!!), today seemed like a good day to talk about the artistic talent behind this year’s Warped promtions.

Officially established in 2007, Choonimals is the “lovably deranged brainchild of a group of lovably deranged friends.” Taking ordinary animals and making them ravenous – with the addition of sharp teeth, extra spikes, and “crazy eyes” - these dudes have stumbled on a market that, frankly, I don’t think anyone knew existed. But their business continues to boom as they release new lines 1-2 times a year and have even sold out of certain designs. Plus they have a way with puns and plays-on-names that make my wordplay-loving heart sing.

I’m obsessed with these animals, my current favourite being the chirkers. They’re cute yet fierce, and, while they would be completely terrifying in real life, they’re oddly cuddly. And they make for a great conversation starter - as soon as someone notices these creatures, they almost automatically make a comment on it.

Plus, the clothes themselves are top quality. They're comfy and flattering, and, frankly, I feel 10x cooler than I actually am when I'm wearing a Choonimals shirt. 

My personal collection (above) includes a Grauff tee, a Senor Dientes tank, a Bee-FF tank, and a Peter Panda sweatshirt (which is one of my most favourite items of clothing ever), and two stickers which live on my laptop (Grauff and a Choonicorn, in case you're wondering) and you can bet I have money set aside for their booth at Warped on Friday (in fact, I will probably spend most if not all of my merch money there, and I will REGRET NOTHING).

If you’re attending a festival with a Choonimals booth, go check it out! If anything, you’ll find yourself chuckling at the clever names, or “aww-ing” at the stickers. And the guys are always helpful, not to mention willing to give you a Sharpie tattoo – it’s not quite the same as a real tattoo (i.e. it washes off after a day or two), but it will give you an extra dose of swagger while it lasts.  

If you're looking for fun and unique animal designs, make sure you check out their website or follow them on social media!