In Defense of Adult Colouring Books

Why did we all stop colouring? Was it when we could finally stay within the lines? Was it when it was no longer cool? Was it when we didn't want to colour in Winnie the Pooh anymore and we hoped for something a little more advanced?

Well, the time has come my friends.

Enter the age of the adult colouring book. 

Though there is absolutely no shame in sticking with the old Disney classics of colouring books, lately, there has been an evolution in how we adults can use our crayons. 

Probably the most popular of said books are "The Secret Garden" and "The Enchanted Forest" by Johanna Basford. Filled with intricate line drawings of mystical castles, creatures and filigree, Basford's books excite the child within while providing hours of entertainment. And when I say intricate, I mean intricate. One page took me over a day to complete (hand cramps aside). 

My masterpiece.

My masterpiece.

The beauty of these books (beside their obviously stunning aesthetic) is that they're actually incredible stress reducers. When I'm feeling on edge and don't really feel like sitting in front of a screen, I sit down at my kitchen table, put on a podcast, audiobook, or some mellow music, grab my pencil crayons, and go to town. 

They're also amazingly fun to do with friends. Basford has lots of spreads so you and a fellow colouring enthusiast can sit side by side and colour in your own page. 

So kick back and relax with your new obsession, and let the colours fly.