Easy Netflix Pick - Life Partners

This week has been particularly stressful for me and I knew I needed some good distractions in the form of Netflix. If you're scrounging around Netflix, looking for a movie that's got heart but is mostly good fun and won't depress you, definitely check out Life Partners.  

Life Partners is a sweet rom-com between two best friends and the turbulence that occurs when one of them finds herself in a serious relationship.  

Starring Leighton Meester (the cutest and most likeable I've ever seen her) and Gillian Jacobs (Britta she is not: in this flick), with a cast rounded out by Adam Brody (Meester's husband in real life), Gabourey Sidibe, and Julie White (with an awesome cameo by Kate McKinnon), this movie is sweet as  toffee and the perfect movie for when you're feeling a little down and out. 

The relationship between Meester's and Jacobs' characters is completely believable, as is the slow demise of it once someone comes between them. It paints a good picture of the difficulties of change and how well a person is able to adapt to it when they're faced by it. 

One thing that I was concerned about was that the movie was going to take an obnoxious turn by making Meester's character, a lesbian, be in love with Jacob's character, who is straight. Luckily, the film keeps their relationship completely platonic. 

The intricacies of best friend-dom is not so simple to recreate. This friendship seemed fully realized and wonderfully realistic. It's about growing up and learning how to grow with someone who suddenly has different priorities. 

I could also completely relate with the movie through it's theme of growing up but still feeling reliant on parents and friends to guide you along. There's the desire to be independent and the will to be able to take care of yourself but it's never as easy as all that. I think the movie tackled this very well, especially the dialogue the girls have about wanting to sit on airport floors but feeling like they're now too old to do it (I feel this on a very deep, personal level). 

This movie is fun and easy and well worth a watch with some ice cream in hand.