Six Reasons You Should Love You Me At Six As Much As I Do

I can't believe Mind the Gap has been up and running for over two months (yay us!) and I've never talked about You Me At Six. This is the perfect week to do just that because it's our sixth Music Monday!

YMAS is one of my favourite bands. I've been listening to them for six years. I talk about them a lot. I've seen them many times. My first (but not only) band-related tattoo was based on them. 

I first heard YMAS back in November 2009 when they opened for The Academy Is... and I became obsessed with their song, "Take Off Your Colours". But it wasn't until January 2012, when I saw them headline for the first time, that I completely fell in love with them. Here are six reasons why I think you should listen to them too. 

1) Sinners Never Sleep

While it was, arguably, the live show that really did it for me, listening to YMAS's third album, Sinners Never Sleep in early 2012 was what really made me sit up and take note. I had been a casual fan of theirs for a few years, but the masterpiece that is SNS changed my life, as dramatic as that sounds. It's the album that inspired my aforementioned YMAS tattoo ("Reckless" on my left wrist), and it was the basis for the best weekend of my life, when I saw YMAS play at Wembley Arena (London) in December 2012. 

2) Max and Matt's Munchies

The boys in YMAS often post video recaps of tours, but my favourite aspect of those videos by far is the mini series, "Max and Matt's Munchies". The segment follows guitarist Max Helyer and bassist Matt Barnes as they try different restaurants on tour. It's worth it for their mock-serious expressions and their genuine enthusiasm for food. 

A bonus video: the fake PBR commerical they filmed with the other bands on the Spring Fever tour in 2013 (I attended the New York date of that tour and it was glorious). Featuring All Time Low, Mayday Parade, and Pierce the Veil.

3) More Than Just Musicians

In addition to being talented musicians, 3/5 members have their own clothing lines: Matt (Cheer Up Clothing), Max (Become Antique) and drummer Dan Flint (Welcome to Flinttown). In fact, lead singer Josh Franceschi also had a clothing line up until earlier this year - the now defunct Down But Not Out - and the other three are still going strong. Check back on Wednesday for a more detailed post on their companies!

4) All British, All The Time

I don't think I've actually mentioned it so far in this post, but YMAS is an English (as in England) band. Based out of Surrey, they fully embrace their British heritage. Whether they're constantly "smashing a cheeky Nandos" or playing/watching/talking about football (English football aka American soccer) or even just speaking in their adorable accents, they're British to the core. 

5) Back by Popular Demand

They're already big in the UK - and have been for years - but they've been steadily growing in popularity in North America. The first time I saw them headline in Toronto, that fateful January, it was at the Annex Wreckroom (max cap. 450 people); a year and a half later, they sold out the Opera House (max cap. 850), and exactly a year after that, they sold out the Phoenix (max cap. 1100). I'm more than happy to watch their star rise, but I rarely bump into random people who've heard of them. 

6) Top 12 Songs

Here's a playlist of my top twelve favourite YMAS songs. If you don't like at least a couple of them after listening in, then we probably wouldn't be friends in real life (or at least not concert-buddies).

Note: For some reason, their second album, 2010's Hold Me Down isn't available on Spotify, so I had to add some live tracks (which are actually my favourite versions).