Chino Locos: Tasty Good Burritos

I don't know if anyone knows this about me, but I love burritos. Like, LOVE them. Maybe not the same way as a young Jack Barakat (you're welcome for this clip, by the way), but I do feel a certain kinship with Jake the dog.

What I didn't ever consider, though, was combining Mexican food with another ethnicity, say for example, Chinese food.

Enter Chino Locos. Established in 2008, it takes the best parts of Mexican food (burritos, guacamole, etc) and combines it with the (arguably) best parts of Chinese food (chow mein, in particular). 

That's right: instead of boring old rice, you can add chow mein into your burrito. In additional to traditional black beans, you're spoiled with edamame beans. 

There are a couple of locations; my sister (hereafter referred to as "Ro") and I went to the one on Broadview because we were already in the area. 

Though, to be honest, I'd probably make the trek out there, even if I didn't have to be in the area. 

We ordered the specials of the day: Jerk Chicken (Ro) and Chili Con Carne (me). There's a sign on the cash register (and a post on the website), cautioning customers that the medium hot sauce is, in fact, HOT. So we got medium. 

I sometimes forget that I have a high tolerance for heat, so I definitely could have gone with the actual hot sauce - medium was too mild for me!

They were delicious, like an explosion of flavour. The chow mein started to soak up the chili, the veggies were crisp and fresh, and the whole thing was part spicy, part salty, and all good. 

While I generally prefer Burrito Boyz over pretty much any other burrito-making establishment, I'd have to say Chino Locos is a close second. They're bold and unique and just one bite satisfies pretty much any craving for any food you could have. 

Try it and thank me later.