Sex Criminals is Exactly What You Think It's About and It Is Glorious

Have you ever felt alone? Like really alone? Like no one really got what you were going through? And time stopped when you orgasmed? Wait, what?

Yup, that's the premise of Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction's epic comic series Sex CriminalsSex Criminals follows Suzie Dickson and Jon Johnson (because of course their lasts names have to also be dick names) who share a strange gift. When they orgasm, they freeze time and enter a world full of colour and increased sensation. 

They find each other by mere coincidence and are both shocked that the other shares their unique... talent. Neither knows where it came from or why they can do what they can do. But, what do two young, virile lovers do once they discover they can freeze time whenever they come? Rob banks of course.

Now, it's for a good cause. Suzie owns/runs/works at a library that is being foreclosed on. She needs to raise an absurd amount of money to save it and the easiest way would be to simply steal the goods and pay the banks back, essentially committing a victimless crime. The bank doesn't actually lose any money and the library is saved.

Of course, nothing is as easy as it seems and soon Suzie and Jon find the Sex Police on their tales. Oh yes, they are most definitely not the only ones who have this gift.

In Volume 2 of Sex Criminals we start to delve even more into the lives of Suzie and Jon and other time-stopping wonders. 

As intriguing as the premise of this story is, and it is hella intriguing, one of the greatest parts about it is the human aspect. The main core of the story is loneliness and how hard it is to really be alone. How difficult must it be not to be able to share something with someone, a deep secret that no one really understands except for you? Especially when it's something as supernaturally driven as stopping time through sexual pleasure, and you're quick on your way to the crazy train if you tell anybody who doesn't believe you.

The story is so special because we get to see two incredibly lonely people find solace in one another because of their shared trait. They can finally connect on a deeper level with another human being for the first time in their lives. It becomes more than just sex and time-stopping. It becomes a relationship, a friendship, that no one else can replicate.

This comic series is absolutely hysterical, full of inside jokes and just beautiful designed. It's completely NSFW, so if you're wary, I wouldn't read this one on the subway. They've just released issue #11 which will make up the beginning of Volume 3. Volume 1 and 2 are out now.

So go on. Get sexy. But maybe leave the bank robbing to the professionals.