Creating a World Through Music: A Look at the Dragon Age Inquisition Soundtrack

Everyone knows that a soundtrack can make or break the ambiance of a film, television show, or a video game. Too subtle, and the mood can be lost, too overpowering and it becomes laughable.
It's a fine balance, one that the composers for Dragon Age Inquisition have in spades.

The game itself is full of intricate scenes involving war, long conversations both humorous and morose, and a lot of trekking. Each scene requires an expert touch to evoke the mood required and the composers really know what they're doing.

The action scenes are excited and tense, the conversation scenes are more mellow, depending on the topic, and the emotional scenes, are, well, extremely emotional. I have definitely cried more than once simply because the music does such a good job of making me feel things my hard heart doesn't want to feel.