Summer Isn't Complete Without


1) Sweating so much that I'm a walking puddle  

Summer's in Toronto are a humidity disaster. It's rare to have a warm day where I don't feel like stripping to my skivvies because every pore in my body is streaming sweat. But I've come to expect this, and at least it's better than our winters.  

2) Iced coffee

I drink iced coffee year round, even in the dead of winter, but it is a little more special to drink them in the summer, so you can attempt to beat the heat.  

3) Fan Expo

My summer would not be complete without getting my geek on at Fan Expo at the end of it. 6 years on and it has become a tradition to save up my shekels and go have nerdy fun at the con.  


1) Getting rained on, especially if I'm at an outdoor event

If I have an outdoor concert, you can almost guarantee that it will rain. This is especially true of Warped Tour and Riot Fest (you know, days when I'm outside in a crowd for 8 hours straight).

2) Seeing at least one show at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre

This could also include Echo Beach because it's part of the grounds, even though it's technically a separate venue. The amphitheatre is not my favourite venue - for one, it's usually pricier than a club show - and it so often rains, especially if we're in the 400 levels and not under the roof (see point one), but it's an inevitable summer activity for my sister and I. 

3) Going on vacation!

My family likes to go away for at least a couple of days every summer. Sometimes it's Europe, sometimes it's Quebec. Either way, we like to pack up and leave work behind us for a few days.