Jane's Top 5 Makeup Essentials

When creating an online dating profile, you're asked a series of questions to help potential suitors get to know you better. One of these questions is listing the things that you couldn't possibly live without. Do you say pragmatic things, sentimental things, things you think others want to hear? 

No. You say what you fucking want.  

Here is my top five list of makeup essentials because cosmetics are an important part of my life and an important part of how I become myself.

A Good Primer

If you're like me, and you sweat at the merest hint of humidity, you need a good primer so your makeup doesn't sweat right off into an oily, slick, mess one hour into your day. I'm a big fan of sticking to a brand, so I use Make Up For Ever's Hydrating Primer. Though I'm a bit oily during the summer, my skin actually needs all the moisture it can get, and this one keeps everything in place.

A Good Foundation

I would be nowhere without a solid foundation (metaphorically and literally). My skin is still quite disastrous, and I find that Make Up For Ever's Ultra HD Foundation really brightens my skin and smoothes it out.

A Good Blush

It's all well and good to smooth out your edges, but with a completely monotone face, I look like the undead. I gotta get a little bit of life back into these rosy cheeks of mine, and so I use Deep Throat by NARS (though I'm thinking about switching to Springsheen by MAC for a more cost-effective blush).

A Good Matte Liquid Lipstick

So my lovely bestie introduced me to the amazingness that is liquid lipstick, and I swear, I never want to go back. I'm particularly obsessed with Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick line, especially the bright purple L.U.V. The colour goes on matte and lasts FOREVER.

A Good Mascara

Alright, you've put on your face but you still need to look awake and focused? Mascara, my friend. I've finally jumped on the Benefit boat and I can't speak more highly about their Roller Lash mascara. It makes my already decently long eyelashes, EXTRA VOLUMINOUS, it's fantastic.

So what beauty items can you not live without? I'm always looking to expand my horizons!