Creative, Scrumptious and Delightfully English - Welcome... To the Great British Bake Off

When I'm in a video game binge like the way I am right now, I usually stop watching TV for awhile, exclusively using all of my free time leveling up, battling scary creatures and romancing elves. 

However, to prevent the inevitable on-set of carpal tunnel, I do have to take some breaks. Since I'm a huge cooking show fan, I decided to embark on a massively popular adventure and sought out The Great British Bake Off

The concept is simple. Twelve bakers compete to be the Star Baker in a multi-week reality show challenge. Each week features a specific theme (ie. bread, cake, cookies) and three separate challenges, each one harder and more elaborate than the next. When all is said and done, you're left with some sweet treats and some outrageous creativity.

Seriously, check out this cake?

One thing that I love about the show is how friendly everyone is. There's no Gordon Ramsey yelling at the contestants, there's no backstabbing, this is a baking talent competition, pure and simple. If you're a good baker and you can make something wonderful and extraordinary, you'll go far. If not, you'll go home.

The show is hosted by one of my fave British comedians, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc. The two bring a levity and light-heartedness to the stress of the bakers and are both a delight to watch. The bakers are judged by Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (yes, those are their real names, how awesome is that?). Both critique instead of criticize and both encourage the bakers (and also nudge them the right way if they think the bakers are going a bit astray).

Fun, beautiful and mouth-watering, The Great British Bake Off is pure light entertainment.