Dress to Impress on Your First Day of School

Now, admittedly, neither of us are going back to school this year, but that doesn't mean we haven't thought about it! The best - and worst - part of going back to school was trying to create the perfect outfit. 


 Picking that perfect back to school outfit was always tough. You want to impress but you don't want to dress up too much, and you definitely don't want to look like a loser, whatever the hell that means. My style has shifted a lot over the years, from refusing to wear jeans, to only wearing jeans, and then refusing to wear dresses and then only wearing dresses (pants suck, you guys). So if I was going back to school, here's probably what I would wear. 

Dress: A burgundy, high-waisted dress from Loft. It's comfy and isn't too fancy but not too casual either. It makes an impression that you care about how you look and also it has awesome sleeves.  

Shoes: Little brown suede booties. Hella comfy, cuz I'm a big advocate for comfy footwear (when you twist your ankles as much as I do, you start to appreciate how much your feet do).  

Purse: White faux-ostrich tote. It's the first day, you don't need no backpack.  

Makeup: Do something a little daring, either a bold lip or eye. Make a statement. My personal fave right now would be a nice wine colour.  


I used to agonize over what to wear on my first day. Not that it really mattered because I flew so far under the radar, most people didn't even notice me, but still, I liked making the effort. 

I describe my "style" (if I have a style) as "pop-punk": mainly band t-shirts, brightly coloured skinny pants, and Converse. If I was going back to school this year, this is what I'd wear:

I was going to actually model the outfit, but I didn't remember until after I changed in my jammies, and, well, I didn't feel like getting dressed again. 

Plaid shirt: I picked it up at Garage like 3 years ago. One of my favourites - comfy, with that nice lacy bit at the top. 

T-shirt: This was one of the only shirts I bought at Warped this year. I was so stoked to see MK, plus the front is blank (with just a pocket and a small "MK" logo on it), which means I can technically wear it to work (underneath a sweater, of course). 

Pants: I just bought these at Bluenotes this summer and man, they're sooo soft. They're also a little bit darker than this photo would have you believe. 

Shoes: They're ALICE IN WONDERLAND shoes, you guys!!! I can't remember which store it was, but it was this small shoe store in Edinburgh and, even though I normally wear Converse, I could not resist these Vans.