Mon the Biff

At one point, my sister and I contemplated going to the UK to celebrate the New Year – or, as they call it in Scotland, Hogmanay. Then we remembered that we don’t like crowds (and there would definitely be crowds), but we had a brief moment of regret when Biffy Clyro announced their Hogmanay show in Edinburgh.

We started listening to Biffy a couple of years ago when they opened for Muse on the 2nd Law tour. Since then, we’ve seen them another two times, and their as-of-now-untitled album is one of our most anticipated of 2016.

If you like bearded men, Scottish men, or bearded Scottish men, especially bearded Scottish men who like to play their shows shirtless, you’ll like Biffy. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not all about the looks with these dudes. They’re all very talented, have six alternative/experimental/prog rock albums already under their belts, have been a band for twenty years, and put on one of the most impressive live shows I’ve ever seen, with incredible lighting and an extremely tight set, plus a penchant for theatrical videos.