Better Off This Way - Woke Up Waiting

As you're probably aware by now, I'm a big pop-punk fan. And since one of my resolutions this year was to listen to more Canadian bands, I'm extra pleased that I've recently started listening to Woke Up Waiting, a pop-punk trio from Vancouver. 

If you need a comparison, I'd say WUW is a combination of early Mayday Parade and late 5 Seconds of Summer; they have a dash more pop than most of the other bands I listen to, but it's refreshing and they fit right into any one of my many playlists. Despite only releasing their debut EP, Better Off This Way this week, the trio have already established a decent following by releasing covers of popular songs that fit in with their sound, like 5SOS's "Broken Home" and Neck Deep's "December". Their original material is just as catchy as the covers they choose, showing the band's bright talent and enthusiasm. 

I was going to do a track-by-track of their EP, but instead, I'll tell you that if you're even remotely a pop-punk fan, Woke Up Waiting will make you sit up and pay attention. Whether you're into acoustic-y ballads like "For the Night" or jaunty hand-clap worthy jams like "Danger" or a blink-182-esque tune like "Return to Sender", you'll find something to enjoy on this raucous debut. If they don't sound fully polished, it's okay: they have room to grow, and I look forward to watching them make a name for themselves in the scene.