Fave TV Couples: The Ones Who Didn't Make It

Two weeks ago, I talked about my favourite TV couples who stayed together; this week, I'm pouring one out for the ones who didn't make it. 

Lane and Dave

As much as I like Zack, Dave was pretty much perfect and he was so sweet to Lane (he learned to play Christian hymns for her!). I already talked about his speech, but also what about the time he ran to the hockey game because he couldn't stand the thought of losing her to Young Chiu?? SO CUTE. 

Robin and Barney 

I will be disappointed forever that they didn't work out, despite the ENTIRE SEASON that was built around their wedding weekend. I feel like Barney and Robin actually got each other because they were so similar, and their relationship was a heck of a lot less toxic than Robin and Ted’s. And it showed growth for the two of them to be able to commit to one person, but I guess that didn't last long since, after their divorce, Barney was back to his womanizing ways. 

Jeff and Annie

Their relationship was hella creepy when you consider their age difference so I feel weird mentioning them, but I kinda liked them together? Jeff was so protective of Annie, which was cute, but also somewhat dad-like. I chalk this one up to Joel McHale and Alison Brie having ridiculous chemistry. 

Basically all the couples on Buffy/Angel

My first thought was Willow/Oz but then I remembered Buffy/Angel and how eventually Xander/Anya break up and now I get the feeling that Joss Whedon didn't want any of his characters to be happily in love. So that's sad. 

Which other couples were you rooting for until they broke up? Let us know!