Colouring Outside the Lines

Last year, Jane mentioned that colouring books, which were all the rage at the time, are a fun way to relax and pass the time. I’m in total agreement to that (I’ve always enjoyed colouring), but I do have some issues with the adult colouring book game in general. 

For one, why are the lines so tiny? The more detailed the picture is, the more indistinct the lines – sometimes body parts end up weird colours because I can’t figure out where the clothes end and the body beings (this is especially a problem with the Sherlock book. I can’t tell you how often poor Watson has ended up with teal hands). AND, just because I’m an “adult”, doesn’t mean I’m super neat. I’m not saying I colour outside the lines, but I’ve been known to give up and scribble across one section in the same colour because I get impatient with the teeny tiny lines.  

For another, who decides on which pictures to include? The biggest culprit is the Harry Potter collection – some of the images are so boring. Or they’re not at all something I’m interested in spending time on – it took me ages to remember where the tapestry of dancing trolls came from, but it was apparently important enough to include as an image to be coloured. I also don’t approve of the spreads where the same image is repeated over and over – how many different ways can I colour flowers before they all start to look the same? 

Speaking of flowers, do the artists (illustrators?) understand the pressure of being realistic? My siste takes her Secret Garden book very seriously, which means her green pencil crayons are basically stubs at this point. Personally, I take a more whimsical approach to colouring, which is why my Enchanted Forest is a riot of colour (I like using purple whenever possible), but I could totally see people being frustrated at trying to recreate a masterpiece in the same colours. 

Don’t get me wrong, there are few things in life more enjoyable than colouring and watching TV, but I find that I have to work twice as hard to make the most out of my “adult” colouring books than if I just picked up a Barbie book at the dollar store (I LOVE colouring Barbie’s shoes). And while I thought the "adult colouring book" trend was waning, about once a month I see an announcement for another pop culture tie-in or a holiday special edition. I didn't realize the demand was still there!