The Nightmare Before Christmas

Happy Halloween!!

I’m combining Monday’s themes of music and movies to bring you a special holiday post talking about one of my favourite movies of all time, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If you haven’t seen this movie at least once in your life, I’m definitely going to shout at you the next time we talk. I don’t care if you consider it a Halloween movie or a Christmas film – November is actually the ideal time of year to watch it – it’s a classic and, if anything, you should appreciate it for its beauty. Stop-motion is underrated – it takes so much work to produce one scene but the final results are always gorgeous. 

I’ve decided to highlight my three favourite songs from the movie, though trust me when I say it was tempting to just throw the entire soundtrack into this post and let you listen to it yourself (I listen to it on the regs, starting in October). 

This is Halloween

This really is the best way to introduce the movie, since it highlights a lot of the citizens of Halloween Town and, of course, culminates in one of my favourite scenes in any movie ever: when Jack rises majestically out of their pool. Everybody hail to the Pumpkin King, indeed!

What’s This?

I prefer Christmas to Halloween, so naturally one of the best scenes is the one where Jack discovers Christmas Land. I love all the imagery of the elves and the decorations and how innocently intrigued Jack is. I also haven't been able to say the words "what's this?" without immediately bursting into song for nearly twenty years, so it definitely has staying power.

Oogie Boogie’s Song

Like King Louie singing “I Wan’na Be Like You”, Oogie Boogie’s Song has that old-timey flair that makes it so darn catchy and is probably the biggest culprit when it comes to getting stuck in my head.