Woman Crush Wednesday: Author Edition

It’s NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I’m a little stressed out trying to plot out a story that’s been living in the back of my head since January, so I’m dedicating this month’s WCW post to some of my favourite lady authors who make the writing process look so easy. 

Childhood Faves

Gail Carson Levine 

Ella Enchanted is one of my most favourite books of all time, and I’ve read it a billion times and cry pretty much every time, so yeah, you could say that GCL affected me. With Ella, she taught me how to mix up a fairy tale and with The Two Princesses of Bamarre, she reinforced the idea of sisterly love (I think I get more emotionally reading about Addy and Meryl now than I did as a child). 

The Writer's Oath 

I promise solemnly: 

1. to write as often and as much as I can, 

2. to respect my writing self, and 

3. to nurture the writing of others. 

I accept these responsibilities and shall honor them always.

Cornelia Funke

She’s probably best known for Inkheart, but did anyone else read The Thief Lord? SUCH a good book, it destroyed me and made me want to Venice years before I eventually did. Inkheart is, of course, also fantastic, though the sequels don’t quite match the magic of the first one. 

Fantasy, Etc

V.E. Schwab

I mention V.E. Schwab at least once every three months on here, so I’m just going to leave my link to my fangirl-y post here.

P.S. I met her last week and she was just as amazing in person as she is in her books. 

Melissa Marr

I can’t seem to get into her adult books for some reason, but when it comes to dark fairy tales and YA urban fantasy, Melissa Marr rarely lets me down. I’ve been meaning to pick up her latest YA, but I haven’t yet!


Robin Benway

When it comes to cute contemporary YA, Robin Benway is my go-to. I L-O-V-E Audrey, and April/May/June’s relationships are so cute, and Emmy & Oliver are sweet, and Maggie is pretty cool...so while I don’t love all her characters equally, they all manage to make me smile. 

Ann Brashares

As a writer, you live in such isolation. It’s hard to imagine your book has a life beyond you.
— Ann Brashares

I read The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants when I was 13 and bawled through the end. That series remains one of the best contemporary YA series I’ve ever read and they still have the power to punch me in the feels, even though I know full well how they end. 

Ellie Marney

I’m OBSESSED with Ellie Marney and her Sherlock-esque couple, Mycroft and Watts. Australian YA can be so underrated sometimes, but they really know how to write compelling novels Down Under. 

Queen Of Everything

J.K. Rowling

Did you really think I’d write a WCW post on authors without mentioning my queen? Come on. I’ve been worshiping at the altar of J.K. Rowling for nearly two decades and I don’t intend on stopping any time soon. 

Who are some of your favourite lady authors?