The Four Elements of Ooo: Adventure Time Season Six

I've been, slowly but surely, catching myself up to Adventure Time which means I spent the last month watching season six on DVD (yeah, I buy the DVDs because they have cute covers and also I don't have Cartoon Network/Netflix, etc). And to recap this season, I've divided it up using the four elements of Ooo: ice, fire, candy, and slime. 


The plot heavy episodes in this season were INTENSE. First we meet Finn’s dad (who is such a jerk, oh my glob), then Finn loses an arm (devastating), then the Lich gets turned into a giant child (so flipping cute)...and then it's episode three which focuses on something else entirely. This season explained more about Finn’s life pre-Jake plus referenced events that either led to the Great Mushroom War or directly affected the outcome. 


Comets (or things falling to earth) are a big symbol this season. We see some of the original inhabitants of Ooo getting ready for a comet that's on a crash course with the planet; Martin (Finn’s dad) lands a spaceship in the middle of the countryside; and Gunther, Ice King’s penguin, may be having prophetic dreams about something flying in from outer space. And then it ends with a really weird outer space scene that left me feeling stressed out and confused. 


In between all the serious biz, there are some light-hearted episodes. One of the highlights was “Princess Day” which paired up Lumpy Space Princess and Marceline (a truly magical combination that I didn't know I wanted until this episode) on a Thelma and Louise-esque adventure. There was also the baby Lich, growing up as Sweet Pea Pig-Trunks who was so cute! And the amazing glimpses into Jake’s family which included the story of his birth and a day spent with his brother Jermaine.


When Adventure Time is good, it's REALLY good. And when Adventure Time is's because it's trippy af and nothing makes sense. There were a lot of those episodes in this slightly-longer-than-usual season, filler adventures that didn't affect the plot at all and mostly left me wondering “What were they thinking?” The episodes weren't necessarily bad, they were just weird and occasionally used different art styles, which was pretty cool. And I'm furious that there were no Marceline-centric episodes...luckily she has a whole mini series/set of episodes in season seven!