Travel Thursday: Ireland

I just spent a week in Dublin and now my liver needs a break. Long story short: I drank a lot. However, being an amateur writer, I also took the opportunity to drink in the Irish literary culture (did you know it's a UNESCO city of literature?). Rather than bore you with a complete play-by-play of my trip, I picked a highlight from every day I spent drinking whiskey and quoting Oscar Wilde. 

The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.
— Oscar Wilde

November 23: Teeling Distillery

The first night we were in Ireland, we walked to the Teeling Whiskey Distillery. Along with a tour that taught us how whiskey is made, we got some samples. We also participated on a second tasting which paired the three main types of Teeling with (wait for it) gourmet marshmallows. You haven't lived until you've tried whiskey-infused marshmallows. 

November 24: Jameson Distillery

On a day trip to Cork (about 2.5 hours by train from Dublin), we spent an afternoon at the Jameson Distillery. You can maybe see that there was a theme to our trip (the theme was Irish whiskey). If you're going to Jameson and plan on doing an extended tour/tasting, you should probably bring a snack with you - multiple shots of whiskey on an empty stomach can leave you feeling tipsy.

November 25: Book of Kells/Long Room/Oscar Wilde

Admittedly this day also started with a whiskey tasting (at the Irish Whiskey Museum) but then we spent a lot of time nerding out over books. The Book of Kells (the beautifully illustrated gospels), the Long Room at Trinity College (which looked like the library from Beauty & the Beast), and later, the statue of my dude Oscar Wilde in Merrion Square Park.

November 26: Afternoon Tea/Biffy Clyro

I make it a point to indulge in afternoon tea whenever I'm in the UK. This time, we tried the Not Afternoon Tea at the Clarence Hotel (it's owned by Bono, but alas, we didn't see him). It was delectable, though the savoury course was better than the sweet. And then in the evening, we saw Biffy Clyro who put on an explosive show as always (seriously, they’re SO GOOD live).

November 27: Phil Coulter/Dun Laoghaire

Most of the afternoon was spent in Dun Laoghaire. I guess it's technically part of Dublin, but it was about a 20 minute train ride out of the city center. It was pretty cold because we were close to the water, but it was still lovely. In the evening, we sat in the third row for a performance by my dad’s favourite musician, Phil Coulter (an Irish legend!) and even met the man himself after the show (I finally learned that I get my fangirl-y ways from my dad who was jittery with excitement). 

November 28: Guinness Storehouse

What’s a trip to Dublin without popping into the Guinness storehouse? Our last day in Ireland was spent mostly walking around, including a tour of Guinness and a freshly pulled pint in their Gravity Bar (on the seventh floor, offering a 360 view of the city). I’m not usually a Guinness drinker, but it tastes a lot better there than it does here, since it doesn’t have to travel all the way across the world. 

There was still so much more we could have done in Dublin itself, and we didn’t even get a chance to visit I guess that means I’ll have to make my way back to Ireland again!

For more photos, you can check out my instagram: bellsiebooks!