Woman Crush Wednesday: Jenna McDougall

Lead singer of the Australian band, Tonight Alive, Jenna is the owner of some powerful vocal chords, an envious head of hair, and a confident attitude that makes me wish I was half as cool as her. 

Not only is she pretty, but girl can wear track pants and crop tops better than Kim Possible (and that’s saying something). I like how she seems to wear what makes her comfortable, opting for a  laid-back, pseudo-grungy style, and focusing more on how she presents herself rather than how she’s dressed. 

Don’t be swayed by fashion & peer pressure - you’re more likely to feel self conscious when you try to be something you’re not.

You know how I talk about Ellie Marney’s Every series a lot? If I was dream-casting a movie adaptation, Jenna would be at the top of my list for Rachel Watts. Look at her in her flannel shirt! She’d be perfect!

Jenna also seems to have a positive attitude that I think is really important for someone in her position. She’s encouraging and kind, frequently interacts with fans over social media, and promotes her healthy lifestyle without throwing it in people’s faces. 

Keep doing you, Jenna!

If you love something, fight for it!