It's Time to Meet the Patels

I watched this movie on Valentine's Day but because I can't always keep my promises to myself, I am writing this a couple of days later. I knew I didn't want to watch a conventional rom-com or romantic movie because I'm a bitter hag but my mother had suggested Meet the Patels, a comedic documentary and I decided, what the hell?

Meet the Patels is about comedian Ravi Patel (you might know him from Aziz Ansari's Master of None or the new show Grandfathered) who decides that at age 29, he will finally consider allowing his parents to arrange a marriage for him. The documentary is filmed by his sister Geeta, and she follows Ravi around for a year as he goes on date after date (all vetted by his parents, of course) as he attempts to go through the "conventional" Indian dating practices.

The documentary is incredibly sweet and it's clear that the Patels are an incredibly loving family. Ravi tries to bring the arranged marriage idea more into the 21st century, stating that he'll only go on dates with someone who's also American, not only Indian. 

The documentary is interspersed with animated talking heads featuring Ravi, and live talking heads among other Indian Americans detailing what it's like growing up Indian in America and what's expected of them when they get to a marriageable age. 

Fascinating and incredibly funny, Meet the Patels is a must-watch.