Strong Female Protagonist in 10 Cloverfield Lane

Yesterday, after a delightful chance run-in with the lovely Elena Lowe, a Twitter friend that I finally met IRL, I went to go see 10 Cloverfield Lane, a "blood-relative", according to J.J. Abrams, of the 2008 Cloverfield. I haven't actually seen Cloverfield and worried that I might miss out on some content in the film, but decided what the hell. I would entertain my desire for thrills and chills and meet some monsters.

The movie WAS thrilling AND chilling and there were definitely some monsters, but the most signficant part of it, for me, was the protagonist. Mary Elizabeth Winstead stars as Michelle, a woman run off the road who awakens in a mysterious bunker run by an even more mysterious man, Howard, played with creepy gusto by John Goodman. They're joined by a sweet contractor Emmett, played by the adorable John Gallagher Jr., who completes the trio of bunker buddies.

What makes Michelle so fascinating is once she realizes that she's not where she's supposed to be, i.e. a hospital, she immediately begins to plot her escape, McGyver-like, by grabbing and using anything she has on hand. There is no trial period, there is no sobbing, there is only seeing the problem and working out a solution. 

Michelle never loses her resolve throughout the film, becoming more ingenious from one twist and turn to the next. We learn a bit about her history, and how she's run from things she's afraid of. However, in the bunker, though she's attempting flight, she chooses to fight.

It was a character that was wonderful to see on screen, especially as a young woman who is able to hold her own against the devil she knows as well as the devil she doesn't. More and more we're seeing characters like Michelle, making it quite clear that female-led movies sell, and sell well. The film's ending definitely sets us up for a sequel and I eagerly await Michelle's many more adventures.