Get Irreverent with a Crash Course in Noel Fielding TV

I'm seeing Noel Fielding tonight for his North American Tour and I figured it was the perfect opportunity to share a few of his greatest hits, for those who might now know about this "confuser."

First off is The Mighty Boosh. You've probably heard of it, even if you've never seen an episode. Probably the most accessible of Noel's work (barring the quiz show appearances), Boosh is a wacky show about two friends who find themselves in strange fantastical situations. But it's also so much more than that...

Need something a bit easier? Noel is in a ton of music videos, but my favourite by far is "Blue Song" by Mint Royale (which features some awesome cameos).

Of course, the first time I came across Noel was on The IT Crowd as the vampiric goth Richmond,  who lived in the IT department's storage closet. 

But if you want to go extreme, you have to check out Luxury Comedy. I literally can't actually explain what it is... just... watch.