Why So Serious? Why I Didn't Mind the Darkness in "Batman Vs. Superman"

I saw Batman Vs. Superman with my DC-loving father this past Saturday. We were both nervous as we had seen the umpteen negative reviews for it and we were perturbed that a movie we had both been so looking forward to had been so utterly panned by the critics. would the failure of this movie equal the end of the DC Cinematic Universe? Would DC finally fall to the incredibly successful Marvel film franchise? Did Zack Snyder well and truly fuck us?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after splurging on 3D and D-BOX seating (an experience i highly recommend for this kind of film), we saw the movie. And we both loved it.

I know right? Plot twist.

I'll start off by saying that this is by no means a perfect film. honestly, if I wanted to, I could easily pick it apart, piece by piece, and end up feeling disappointed. But I don't want to do that to myself. The movie ended and I was happy (and no, not because the movie was over, you cynics). Not that the film is particularly happy (but more on that later).

I thought the darkness of the film seemed appropriate. We've gotten used to a certain amount of levity with our superhero films as of late (Deadpool being the most obvious example), and most critics seemed to regard the lack of goofs and gaffes in BvS to be... well, 'not fun.' And they're right. This is not a fun, happy-go-lucky movie. And why should it be? Why can't it be serious? It's dealing with upsetting topics. Yes, the main characters might be an alien, a goddess and a bulked-up billionaire, but that doesn't mean the story has to be fantastical.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story, thought the catalyst that brings Supes and the Bat together to be wholly believable and probable and Wonder Woman (and her incredible theme song) was amazing.

I'm not going to rebut or refute what others have said about this film as they are all entitled to their opinion. However, I believe that this movie is worth seeing and going in with an open mind is key. You might be pleasantly surprised.