Sam's Best Birthday Memories

Happy birthday to me! I’ve always loved celebrating my birthday, even if I do feel a pang as I get older (how am I in my twenties??). Because my birthday constantly falls around Easter (I was born on Easter Monday), childhood celebrations often included chocolate eggs or bunny decorations. I can’t remember how I celebrated the actual day in high school (apart from going to class), and I often ended up writing exams on the sixteenth during university, so most of my fondest memories of my birth-date are from the last five-ish years.

  • the bunny cake my sister made for me (I don’t remember how old I was...between 5 and 7). 
  • piercing my nose on my 22nd birthday (and then seeing Hot Chelle Rae...whatever happened to those guys?).
  • when my You Me At Six live DVD showed up in the mail so I spent the evening of my 23rd birthday reliving one of the best weekends of my life. My cake that year was also a cupcake extravaganza in the shape of Lumpy Space Princess.
  • getting matching tattoos with my sister Roanna when I turned 24, before going to see The Wonder Years. We also celebrated by having high tea at the Fairmont a couple of weeks later.
  • any tea-related birthday present: gift baskets from Twinings and Fortnum & Mason, not to mention my teacup tattoo (which I got the day before my 25th).
  • the mini tea party (with macarons!) at Tundra Books last year (also the same day I met Curtis Stone, who happened to be in the Random House building at the time!). 

The only thing that would make my birthday even more fun would be if I could spend it in London - preferably at a concert, or having afternoon tea, or even at the Warner Brothers studio. There's always next year...

P.S. Because I'm (almost exactly) two weeks older than Jane, check back on the 30th to see some of her best birthday memories!