Worst Characters Ever

Every so often, new characters are introduced on our favourite TV show. Sometimes it's a pleasant surprise (hey, Spike and Drusilla), sometimes it makes you wonder why possessed the creators to ruin a good thing (go away, Dawn). Here are some of the worst characters we can think of. 


April Nardini (Gilmore Girls)

Don’t even get me started on how obnoxious this character was. As if she wasn’t annoying enough on her own (I’m all for precocious girls, but she had like no social skills), she was basically the catalyst that lead to Luke and Lorelai breaking up right before their long-awaited wedding. 

Dawn Summers (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Maybe I just don’t love Michelle Trachtenberg (her character on Gossip Girl was also awful), but Dawn came out of nowhere (literally) and I don’t think anyone really liked her. I can’t really remember her story line...which means she didn’t leave the best impression. Another Buffy character I could have done without? Tara. But that’s only because I liked Oz.

Zoe (How I Met Your Mother)

Arguably Ted’s worst girlfriend, Zoe was more than just an obstacle in Ted’s path to finding his true love (who stupidly turned out to be Robin all along, but I’ve already talked about that): she was straight-up annoying. And, she unfortunately brought with her The Captain who had his moments but was ultimately a superfluous character, apart from his one important scene in season nine.

Quinn James (One Tree Hill)

Quinn, Hayley’s sister, shows up in season seven, and I’m still not sure what purpose she served. Like Zoe on HIMYM, she was boring and often had this bewildered doe-eyed look on her face, like even she wasn’t sure what she was doing on the show. Clay – Nathan’s manager – was her love interest, and their story line was one of the dullest (and most absurd) plots that the show had ever produced. If they wanted to focus on another James sister, I don’t know why they couldn’t bring back the more scanadalous Taylor, who would have at least been a more familiar face.

Honorable Mentions: Piz (Veronica Mars). I probably would have loved him if he had been just a random secondary character and wasn’t immediately introduced as a love interest for V. Mars. But I’m Team Logan, so sadly, Piz didn’t get the respect he deserved from me. Also Kim (Scrubs) – it took me a long time to stop hating Elizabeth Banks after what she did to J.D. (who might not have been perfect, but he didn’t deserve being lied to like that).


There are plenty of characters that I've hated in the past, but the one that I always come back to and definitely takes the cake in the bad TV character category has to go to Mandy from The West Wing

Abrasive, mean, and constantly making everyone's life difficult, Mandy was a pretty reviled character. She was only on the show for the first season, getting sent off to "Mandyville" by Season 2, where she was never seen or heard from again. She was basically retconned out of the show and I for one, did not miss her.