Bands I Love to Hate: We the Kings

Continuing my series of Bands I Both Love and Yet Don't Really Like (aka Bands I Love to Hate), this week's installment is about We the Kings. At one time, these guys were a staple in the scene - while they constantly make appearances at Warped Tour, I feel like they're one of those bands that make most people go "Oh, they're still around?"

Like Mayday Parade, there's nothing particularly offensive about We the Kings (unless you have something against gingers?). Also like Mayday Parade, they constantly release new music, though recently it's all been digital releases which is a pain for a CD collector like me who can't remember to look up new songs online. 

Do I enjoy their stuff? Sure! I remember falling completely in love with "Check Yes Juliet" when I was about 18, and I still occasionally spin their self-titled or their second album, Smile, Kid. In fact, I even really like seeing them in concert - their live shows are very energetic and it's nice to let loose and dance around for an hour. But for some reason, as soon as someone mentions WTK, all I can think of is "THOSE guys??". It's the weirdest thing!

In the end: I'd still recommend We the Kings if you're looking for a pop rock act. I can't say their more recent albums are anything innovative or outstanding, but they have more than enough songs to satisfy your every summer pool party soundtrack need.