Bands I Love to Hate: Mayday Parade

Maybe I'm just weird, but there are some bands I love to hate. Like, I enjoy their music, but it feels like a chore to listen to them; I'll rock out at a live show, but not before griping about attending it for a week. One such band is Florida-natives Mayday Parade. 

I've been listening to Mayday Parade for a long time (since at least 2008), and, depending on my mood, I go in and out of liking them. One minute I'm screaming the lyrics to "Jamie All Over" (SUCH a jam!); the next, I'm sighing because I can't distinguish a single song on 2013's Monsters in the Closet (seriously, all the songs blend together if you're not paying close attention). 

There's nothing wrong with Mayday Parade; in fact, they're pretty good (except for the aforementioned Monsters album). They may be a little generic when it comes to pop rock, but they have some great songs: obviously "Jamie All Over" (sing it with me now: "I HAD A DREAM LAST NIGHT WE DROVE OUT TO SEE LAS VEGAS"), plus "Miserable at Best" is fantastic live (as the whole crowd sings along); even one of their most recent singles, "One of Them Will Destroy the Other" is solid. 

In the end: I'd recommend giving Mayday Parade a try. Personally, I prefer their first two albums, but it's always interesting to hear how a band grows and changes over a decade long career.