Set Your Body on Fire so You Can be Free [to Listen to Twin Atlantic]

I honestly don’t know how our site is a year old and I haven’t written a post about Twin Atlantic yet. Based out of Glasgow, they’re a four-piece rock band, and if you love Scottish accents as much as I do, you’ll want to give them a listen. 

It doesn't hurt that they're easy on the eyes, but that's not the (only) reason I listen to them. Their songs are bold and addictive, and full of great shoutable lyrics (i.e. "I set my body on fire so I can be free", "hold on if you can be strong", etc). Plus Sam McTrusty's Glaswegian accent is so strong, it makes everything he says a delight.

Their sound has changed a little over the past couple of years, dabbling in a bit of eighties'-esque synth, but they're still a rock band. And as if their back catalog wasn't enough, their next album, GLA (named after their hometown's airport!!) is set to drop in September - and we can only hope for a tour. I've seen them play a couple of times, and each time, the energy is off the charts. They may not be huge (yet) in North America, but their fanbase is loyal; I can't imagine how insane their UK shows are. 

Side note: their cover of Weezer's "Beverly Hills" is actually one of my favourite things on this earth because it's just SO FUN.