Please Stop Telling Me to Watch Game of Thrones

Look, I get it. Game of Thrones is the greatest thing to happen to television in its entire history. Everyone loves it. Everyone watches it. Everyone, that is, except me. 

Before this most recent season ended, at least once a week someone at work asked me "Did you see the new Game of Thrones?" And every week I'd say "No, I don't watch it." And then usually there'd be a gasp, an astonished look, a bewildered "WHY NOT?", and, almost inevitably, an adamant "You should start."

First of all: don't tell me how to live my life. Second of all: what if I don't want to? I know, it's shocking that I might not want to immerse myself in this world of dragons and bloodshed, but the truth is I'm not actually interested.

Why? I'm not sure. Maybe it's because I'm more of an urban fantasy fan and Game of Thrones is clearly high fantasy - which is enjoyable and impressive, but forces me to think a lot harder than I want to. I get confused if too many kingdoms/realms/characters are introduced to me in one shot (also, is it just me or do fantasy authors like giving multiple characters similar sounding names so you're never quite sure who is related to who). And there's no way I can multi-task (i.e. write) while watching a show that requires my full attention. Plus, do you really think I have time to catch up on SIX seasons?! I barely have time to sleep!

And that's another thing: after six seasons and a ton of coverage across pretty much every type of media platform, I already know all the big moments so I won't be as surprised if/when I watch it. I know about the Red Wedding; I know Winter is Coming (but I'm not sure what that means); I know that every other character dies so there's no point in becoming emotionally attached to any of them; I even know that Jon Snow a) knows nothing and b) comes back from the dead (honestly, though, how could he not have come back? The fandom would have descended into chaos if such a beloved character stayed dead. Admittedly, his return makes me hope that the people behind Sherlock will take a page out of GOT's book and find a way to bring Moriarty back in the next season). 

I'm also scared of the hype monster. The last time I watched a show that people raved about, I ended up being whelmed and abandoned it after season one. What if GOT just doesn't strike the same chord with me that it does with 90% of the Western world?? It will make those post-Sunday night conversations at work even more awkward (i.e. Co-worker: "Did you watch the new GOT?" Me: "No, that show sucks balls." Co-worker: *murders me with a broken plastic hanger*). 

So, for my sanity (and yours), please stop telling me I HAVE to watch Game of Thrones. But feel free to discuss spoilers with me, I don't particularly care.