Travel Thursday: Chicago

I’m leaving for Chicago today, and in anticipation, I’ve made a list of some of the things I’m most looking forward to over the next four days!

Tinley Park

Since a big part of my trip is Warped Tour on Saturday, I’ll be spending most of the day in Tinley Park. I can’t really picture what the Warped setup will be like, so I’m excited to see if it runs smoother than it does here (anything is smoother than Toronto Warped Tour). Plus yay parks!

Deep Dish Pizza

I love pizza. I’d eat it every day if it didn’t go straight to my hips. Chicago deep dish pizza is pretty much legendary, and I will stop at NOTHING to ingest as much of it as possible (without making myself sick). 

Oz Park

I’m not as big a Wizard of Oz fan as I am an Alice fan, but giant literature-based statues – especially when they’re from children’s books – are right up my alley. I know, it’s a specific quirk, but I genuinely enjoy these types of things – it’s the book nerd in me.

Garrett Popcorn

I’ve tried Garrett Popcorn twice (when other people have brought it back from a Chicago trip), but I can’t wait to experience one of their stores for myself. So many flavours, so little time. 

Navy Pier

Um, have you looked at that place? It’s like the CNE except permanent (and therefore not as sketchy) and I’ll probably spend a million dollars on kitschy souvenirs.