Woman Crush Wednesday: Sherlock's Lady Friends

Since I’m on a bit of Sherlock kick, I thought I may as well talk about some of the outstanding female characters on the show for this month’s Woman Crush Wednesday installment.

Mary Morstan-Watson

Mary (Amanda Abbington) is introduced in the first episode of season three and she’s a delight from the start. Not only does she accept Sherlock/John’s complicated friendship, but Sherlock eventually comes to like her (or at least accept her presence). She also has a FABULOUS side plot that isn’t revealed until the last episode of season three, but it makes her so much more badass than she was already. I also LOVE that Amanda Abbington is Martin Freeman’s partner in real life because it gives their on-screen romance a nice dose of reality. 
Side note: I also loved Abbington as Louise Munroe on Case Histories, which means she is just a wonderful lady in general.

Molly Hooper

For one, Molly (Louise Brealey) is a pathologist, which is super cool. For another, though she’s a secondary character, she’s given a personality and even develops somewhat over the course of the series. It’s true that she has terrible luck when it comes to men (Sherlock ignores her and I’d pay all the money in the world to see her three dates with “Jim from IT”), but Sherlock turns to her in his time of need, even when she thinks he takes her for granted (he totally does, and his interactions with Molly are the only times you realize what a dick Sherlock really is). 

Irene Adler

I really like this contemporary take on Irene Adler as a dominatrix, played to perfection by Lara Pulver. She’s smart and sexy and sassy, but she – like a lot of us – can’t resist becoming Sherlocked. I like that she’s Sherlock’s equal and that she’s probably his biggest weakness, even if he won’t admit it. She may only be in the series for one episode so far, but I hope she’ll return at some point in season four, if only so we can witness Pulver and Benedict Cumberbatch’s sizzling chemistry. 

And, of course, I have to shout out to Mrs. Hudson (Una Stubbs) for putting up with the boys!  She clearly has a colourful history which is hinted at in a few episodes, but she often comes across as a complete innocent which is adorable.