The Game is On: Ranking Sherlock Episodes

I've been rewatching Sherlock (gah, such a good show!!!) and I, of course, have opinions on each episode so I put them in my preferred order for your enjoyment. 

The Reichenbach Fall

OBVIOUSLY my favourite episode is the most Moriarty-centric one (I’ve told you many times I’m obsessed with Andrew Scott) but it’s SO GOOD IT HURTS. The multiple break-ins, the final showdown on the roof, Watson’s emotions (did Martin Freeman win an award for those last 10 minutes? Because he should have)...amazing. AND THE END. I can’t imagine how much it hurt people who had to wait another year for the third season.

In a world of locked rooms, the man with the key is king. And, honey, you should see me in a crown.
— Moriarty

The Great Game

I'm just here for the pool scene at the end because it's such a shock (the first time. This time I just giggled uncontrollably when Molly introduced “Jim from IT”. Sidenote: can we get a glimpse of what Molly/Jim’s relationship was like? Because I just want to know if they got together and talked about Sherlock on their three dates). I also get really stressed out during the last game once they realize it's a child's voice and the whole episode shows how twisted Moriarty is before we even (officially) meet him.

The Sign of Three

The wedding is so cute (and I LOVE that Amanda Abbington and Martin Freeman are a couple in real life)! And I like anything that involves flashbacks. OH AND Sherlock coming to terms with how marriage will affect his relationship with his BFF John - so cute, plus character development for someone usually so detached. Also shout out to Alfred Enoch (aka Dean Thomas) for being a guard or whatever. 

A Scandal in Belgravia

Irene Adler is fabulous. I actually really appreciated this one the second time around - I didn't remember much of it from my first viewing. Haven't we all been Sherlocked at some point or another? The amount of emotion in those last few scenes is enough to make anyone weep and, even though I keep saying it about almost all the episodes, THAT ENDING IS AMAZING.  

I dislike being outnumbered. It makes for too much stupid in the room.
— Sherlock

Um, and side note: Moriarty in front of Big Ben with the swept back hair and the sunglasses is just *heart eyes emoji* (it's currently my phone's background, in case you were wondering). 

The Abominable Bride


The Empty Hearse

Sherlock as a waiter is PERFECTION. Sherlock and John working through their issues is also perfection (I regularly use the "There's always an off switch" line in real life). Plus we're introduced to Mary who is a magnificent addition to the show. I don't really have anything else to say about this episode, but it's a fantastic way to kick off the new season. 

So you fake your own death and you waltz here, large as bloody life, but I’m not supposed to have a problem with that, no, because Sherlock Holmes thinks it’s a perfectly okay thing to do!
— John

The Hounds of Baskerville

It’s a fun updated take on the classic Holmes story, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t jump a couple of times. Sherlock tricking John in the lab shows a slightly looser side of the great detective (even if he was doing it out of scientific curiosity), and his confession that he doesn't have any friends (apart from John) is a surprisingly touching moment. 

A Study in Pink

Solid first episode...if I wasn’t such a Moriarty fangirl, this would probably be higher up on this list. Tell me you weren't on tenterhooks at the end wondering if Sherlock’s need to be right would overpower his need to continue living (how ballsy would that be, though, killing off your main character in the first episode??).

His Last Vow

The thing with Mary is just SO GOOD AND UNEXPECTED and I won't spoil it but if you thought Mary was badass to begin with, this episode will turn her into a goddess (even if Sherlock is harmed in the process). I don't love this other bad guy, but it's worth watching until the end credits for THAT SCENE <3

The Blind Banker

Not going to lie, I was pretty bored for most of this episode. It was well written, great acting, and chock full of details, but it just wasn’t as engaging as some of the other episodes. The only good part is watching Sherlock and Watson’s friendship develop.

All in all, it's a FANTASTIC show, and I've watched the season four trailer about a dozen times so far...2017 can't get here fast enough!