Concert Withdrawal - It's Real and I Feel It

It’s been a month and a week since I last went to a concert, and I can’t even tell you how terrible that makes me feel. To help me explain my feelings (and possibly help you identify why you’ve been feeling off), I’ve compiled a list of concert withdrawal symptoms:

Blink 182 in August - the last show I attended as of this writing.

Blink 182 in August - the last show I attended as of this writing.

The Jitters

When I haven’t been to a concert in a while, I tend to get really jittery. It’s like I have all this pent-up energy that I would normally expend in a circle pit (okay, fine, circle pits scare me, but I do love dancing at a show) and since there are no available circle pits, I end up keeping it in until I start shaking. Alright, maybe I don’t actually shake, but I tend to roam around aimlessly and often have trouble focusing on anything not music-related.


The worst thing I can do when going through concert withdrawal is look at other people’s social media because then I see THEM at a show and I’m overcome with jealousy. Why don’t I listen to that band that’s in town this week? Why don’t I like that type of music too?? And so on. It’s even worse when you happen to see people attending your favourite band’s show in another salt to the wound. 

Listening to Live Music to “Get Your Fix”

This one’s pretty self-explanatory, but let’s just say that my live DVDs are played most often when it’s been a few weeks since I last attended a concert. 

Trolling All the Ticket Selling Sites

I am definitely guilty of spending time on Ticketmaster/TicketWeb/Ticketfly/other sites that have the word “ticket” in the title looking for possible shows to attend. I do it partly in the hopes that I’ll have accidentally missed a tour announcement from one of my faves (even though that’s next to impossible), partly in the hopes that a band I just “discovered” will be in my city in the next few days. Of course, sometimes that backfires, and I find out I missed a “new-to-me” band by a handful of days and then I get even more sad. 

The only way to overcome concert withdrawal is to physically attend a concert...and thankfully I have four lined up next month (October 5th can’t come soon enough!).