Your Next Podcast Obsession: Geek Girl Riot

“Hey”, you might be thinking, “Sam's writing a post about a podcast? Isn't that sort of Jane's thing?” And you'd be right except I'm making an exception because this is a project near and dear to my heart: idobi radio’s latest traditional podcast, Geek Girl Riot, is going to be your new obsession. 

Credit: Holly Chapman

Credit: Holly Chapman

Maybe I'm biased because I have my own segment, or because I adore two of the ladies behind this venture, but if you're as big a nerd about pop culture as we are here at Mind the Gap, I just know you'll love GGR. Every Wednesday (and some Sundays), a new episode is posted and the discussion topics range from Netflix original series and blockbusters, to comic books and novels, to video games and basically everything else your fangirling (fanboying?) heart could desire. There are even some fascinating conversations with geeky creators like Courttia Newland, Fran Wilde, Jeremy Whitley, and Michael Carey, and upcoming discussions with Ellen Oh and Sana Takeda.

I kept thinking about all these amazingly geeky, wonderful, brilliant, accomplished, funny, and fun women who happened to be huge geeks and nerds. I wanted people to hear their voices while we’re having fun.
— Sherin Nicole

I pestered GGR founder Sherin Nicole into giving me a little bit of backstory and here's what she had to say:

It all started with the comics, sci-fi, and fantasy fan’s Fantastic Forum created by Ulysses Campbell, that I had been hosting for a number of years. At one point, Ulysses cut a promo clip out of a show we’d done at AwesomeCon. Of course, as I often do, I was misbehaving outrageously. For a laugh, I showed the clip to Eddie Barella [idobi network's program director] and he said “Why can’t we put that on the radio?” 
We’d been talking about doing a geek show for a number of years, but it never quite came together. Then one day the name “Geek Girl Riot” popped into my head. I think it was because I had been reading a lot about the misogyny in the geek world. It was a rude awakening for me as I read social media and talked to other women because I hadn’t experienced these things. There is a huge well of respect between the men and women in my group of friends...I had not personally witnessed things like “cosplay is not consent”, harassment at cons, or even the idea of “fake geeks.” I’d once been told “you don’t know anything about comics,” but that’s relatively mild compared to what other women have dealt with.

That’s what is great about GGR; even when we’re having fun we’re also revealing a lot of things about ableism in science fiction/fantasy, the representation of the LGBTQ community, various ethnicities and what they deal with as far as discrimination in the Land of Geek. All of these things intersect with being a female nerd. GGR is this really rich world; we don’t focus on the issues but they’re such a part our experiences that they do come up in our conversations. As do a ton of other things like our love of John Cho (there’s a lot of John Cho love on Geek Girl Riot), or Octavia Butler, or Sherlock.

Geek Girl Riot is a revelation for me, and it’s funny because—just as I did [in the original video]—we do indeed get very rowdy and loud and opinionated.

Not only are the discussions diverse, but so is the cast. Ladies from all walks of life, with different day jobs, and of different ethnicities, and with various levels of physical ability are brought together to nerd out over whatever pop culture-y thing makes them happy. Sort of like what we do here, but on a much larger scale with a range of voices. No matter what you're into, you're sure to find an episode that relates to your interests...and if there isn't one yet, there will be soon.  

We’re learning, while doing these great excavations of all things geeky, while being absolutely ridiculously goofy at the same time.
— Sherin Nicole

So what are you waiting for? Tune into idobi radio and let your geek flag fly alongside the rest of the rioters. It's going to get rowdy. 

Isn’t it about time that we geeky women are able to raise our voices in such a great way and just talk about all the things that we love? And not once has anybody asked us to show our geek card.

And they better not.
— Sherin Nicole

Geek Girl Riot is: Alice Wong, Alex Bear, Angela Henry, Chelsea Christer, Cynthia Tenicela, Day Al-Mohamed, Erin Hawley, Kat Bittner, Monique Younger, Meagan Ginyard, Sam Devotta (it me!), Sherin Nicole, Soma Brodhun, Sue Gray, and Tsuki.